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1h30 away in the heart of Perche in the Normandy countryside, Casa Rosalie opens a new place of escape, connection and reconnection nestled in a 2.7 hectare estate far from the urban hustle and bustle. A collection of 3 eco-responsible Casas with unique design and architecture, combining noble recycled materials and current trends with ultra-pure lines and verticalities. Between forest and lake, the comfortable houses have private swimming pools heated all year round. An authentic Norwegian wood-heated bath is installed on the lake.


Magnificent Casa as eco-responsible as possible with its private swimming pool heated all year round nestled in the forest facing the lake on a 2.7 hectare property, with a capacity of 6 people or 7 with an additional child. Family and friendly atmosphere within this casa.


Casa Moon is nestled in the forest facing the lake with its private, heated Nordic bath on the lake. It is super romantic and very decorative with its Sezane wallpaper and its Muskane pendant lights. A “deco” atmosphere within the Casa with very natural materials, such as linen, thin felt, or even Zellige in the bathroom. A couple will find their place perfectly there but also a small family of 4 people.


Create unique memories with family, couple or friends in this sublime Casa designed for 2 to 6 people. Unique and breathtaking view of the lake with its heated and private swimming pool all year round. This house also has its own private terrace of 100 m2 with barbecue and sunbathing area.